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Coming to you tonight from the ladies in Krasnoarmeysk: We awoke to another beautiful fall morning and were on our way to the orphanage by 9 am. There were only 2 near heart attacks from the antics of our driver Mario Andretti.

We were warmly greeted by many of the excited children in the parking lot, anxious to play frizbee with Matt and our translators. You would think a load of Hollywood celebrities had arrived with the many requests for our autographs. Our lessons centered around the Shipwreck of Paul and we enjoyed making pinwheels and rainbow sun catchers to help them remember the promise of God.

Then on to Lydia's for a "light lunch" of chicken vegetable soup, tomatoes, chicken stuffed peppers, fried potatoes, bread, and apple pie dusted with cocoa.
We paused to do a remake of our group picture, then were off to the Church for Ladies day, followed by VBS for the children, the evening adult session, and a fellowship meal.

Today's lady's session was so special. Our hostess Lydia joined the group. She doesn't attend church. Lydia donned a beautiful purple garment and seemed to enjoy the activities. Then the men's hostess, Tamara, also came. The ladies learned to make beautiful greeting cards to send to one another with the materials that Sherry Kibbe donated to the ladies. They were also instructed again on how to make the Teddy Bears and were presented Ukraine fabric and ribbon that was purchased with money from our Mt. Juliet Ladies classes.

There had been a power failure at the church and we had no electricity, therefore Susan and I contained a class of 9 active children in a tiny room after school for 2 hours, while Doug brought a wonderful lesson to the congregation on Combating Discouragement. Tamara was visibly moved by his lesson as evidenced by her responses. She has had many problems in her life. Soon it was too dark to do anything. We then joined every one in the other meeting room on the west side (with a little daylight left), and the team was presented small parting gifts from the congregation.

Two tables were put up, and in a matter of a few minutes they were full to running over with fresh picked apples, meat pies, fruit rolls, apple pies, and homemade pizza and compote to drink. There was enough food on the tables for the entire Mt. Juliet congregation to sample! We then tried to eat enough to appease the ladies, as many had walked up 4 stories with their homemade goodies for their American brothers and sisters. What a sacrifice they had made for us. We returned to our homes and the ladies immediately began to work diligently to ready their materials for their lessons tomorrow.

Lydia called us to the dinner table, and presented us with Greek salad, Chicken, and pasta. That was dinner # 2 for today, in case anyone is counting! We miss our families and look forward to having our arms around you again. Keep praying for our safe return. Love, TEAM FAT

Give Tamara a big hug from me.

Please bring home:
1. Borsch
2. Rose Tea
3. Summer Shower

I have been reading the blogs and noticed that you have been missing messages from the Fleming family. (We just thought that we would give another family the opportunity to win the "most blogs contest") Even though we have sent messages to Daddy when he has gone on past trips, you were all in our thoughts and prayers! We hope that you have continued success in your mission and pray for a safe trip back home to Mt. Juliet!

Teresa Cron
Hey you'all,

It sounds like you are having a very busy but gratifying time. The teddy bears look great! I'm sure the children will love them. I'm glad the rain let up for you. It sounds like you are eating well!! We do miss you all and will be glad to see you back home regardless of me being slow to respond to your blog. You are in our prayers.

Melva & David
Hi....great job on the blog today, Carol! I sent one earlier...but with my expert computer's wandering around somewhere in ???? space....Will be waiting to sit down and hear about each one in the pictures....looks like the bear babies turned out well....hope that will inspire them to keep the program up...know the kids love them! Will wait for your next "news"...
more love and prayers...
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