Krasnoarmeysk Campaign 2009 Epilogue 1

Every year we have had fine translators with great knowledge and ability and this year was no exception.

Kostya has been on the last 4 campaigns and as the senior member takes the lead. He always has a good spirit of service and willing to help whether it is translating or carrying groceries or as you may have seen in one picture a load of stuffing for our bears. He stays in contact with our drivers on pick up times and finds restaurants for us. Just anything we need he is there. It is obvious that he is close to his family as he talks to his mother and girl friend daily. He is a fine leader and young man. He graduated from the University last year and is looking for a suitable job. He speaks 5 languages, I think.

Lera has been with us for 3 campaigns. She is a beautiful, sweet young woman who loves to translate and work with teens and adults. She can handle the toughest cab drivers in the Donetsk region and ordered dinner for 18 of us the other night. Not an easy feat I guarantee you. She is also quick to jump in and help in any way she can. Lera is a language student as well. She also graduated last year and is awaiting approval of a visa to continue her language studies in Germany later this month.

Dasha completed her second campaign this year. Her sister Masha worked with us for 2 years prior and is now studying at Valdosta State in Georgia. Dasha is certainly a chip of the block of Masha. I hope to meet their mother and father some day. They have done a great job rearing these two fine Christian young women. Dasha loves to teach the little children but can translate for sermons as well. She loves Greek and is a language major at a University south of Donetsk. She would like to come to the US to study Greek and Hebrew so that she can become a religious translator. My memory of Dasha from this trip will be her comforting Lisa, a tiny 7 year old at the orphanage. She was really upset over something and Dasha lovingly hugged her and wiped away all tears.

This year was young Sasha's first campaign with us. He is a student at Bear Valley Bible Institute in Ukraine. To my knowledge he only speaks three languages (Russian, Ukrainian, I think, and English), but he may know more. In addition to his language skills he is a excellent technology person. He reloaded the all the software on Sasha's, the preacher's, computer one night due to a virus. He doesn't know yet what he will do when he completes his studies at Bear Valley-preach full-time or do computer work. He was able to do something that I have not seen in any of my previous campaigns. He preached in two languages! We normally have one person preach/speak/teach and someone translate into the other language that is present in the room. Sasha prepared his sermon on Sunday morning and delivered it in Russian and English. Amazing!

Pray for these young people. They are talented and have much to offer this world.

The first part of our team (Tony, Pat, Carol, Susan, and Matt) left the hotel this morning at 8 to start their journey home. Pray for safe travel for them.

Aunt Connie, mom said I should say hi to you while I'm here getting the kid. So here it goes HI. have fun on your church trip love you and miss you Brian & Jonathan
Brian had to post under my name since he doesn't have a google account. Sure hope your feeling better. I can't believe it's time for you all to come home already. Sure sounds like you had a very successful visit. I liked your International Matt Brown day very funny. Talk to you soon love,Sis
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