On the Lord's Day in Krasnoarmeysk

Today we had worship services at the church. They now worship in a rented apartment, which has more space than their previous location.

Prior to services we had classes for the children and teens. There were about 10 children and one teenager. Several of us were assembled for Matt's teen class and he did a great job. The young girl (Ira, pronounced "eera"), has not yet been baptized, but we are prayerful she will be soon.

Our new translator, Sasha Rodichev, preached today and did a very fine job. He was his own translator, speaking alternately in Russian and English. (Sasha is a student at Bear Valley Bible Institute). We had very good attendance, and had to bring additional seating into the room. We were also very happy Tamara came to our worship services. She is a very nice lady and a wonderful cook. (The men are staying at her home).

After services we had a great time in fellowship with the members. We spent a lot of time renewing friendships, sharing photographs and talking about children, grandchildren and other relatives. To help us remember their members better , the church presented us with a large poster, with photographs and names of all their members.

The weather was better than yesterday with only a little rain. Unfortunately, the forecast is for additional rain the next few days. However, the rain has not dampened our spirit or our excitement for the work here. Tomorrow we begin our classes at the local orphanage. Please continue to pray for us.

Submitted by Tony

Our weather is nippy today as well and a promise of more rain.
I missed you @ worship today.
Renewing the friendships and creating new ones has got to be heartwarming. I can't wait to hear about each one, see pictures and wish you well as your week progresses.
Love and prayers,
Keep up the great work, team! We're proud of you and praying for God to use you as He sees fit!

Thanks for all the updates!

Keep up the good work y'all!!!

Angela Hamock
We are thinking about you and praying for you. We miss you all here. Be safe. Love you all.

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